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Proper maintenance of lamps and lanterns
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Proper installation is a prerequisite
Proper installation of lamps and lanterns is a prerequisite for prolonging the service life of lamps and lanterns. If not installed correctly, it will be very easy to break off, and sometimes even explode, very dangerous. Home, bathroom and kitchen lighting installation should be particularly careful.
Toilet lamp shall be fitted with a waterproof lampshade, otherwise will greatly shorten the service life of the lamp; kitchen lamps should pay special attention to the oil and smoke, because the accumulation of grease will affect the lamp lighting degrees; and the choice of light colored translucent shade is good, but easy to stick ash to diligent cleaning, so as not to affect the light transmittance; generally speaking, don't let the kitchen lamp placed in a position to water vapor condensation, so as not to burst.
Aging lamp early replacement
Using longer lamp, both ends of the redness or is a shadow, then there must be replaced promptly, the purpose is to prevent the emergence of the ballast burnout, such as unsafe factors. In general, the purchase of lamps and lanterns, lamp bulbs will be marked on the effective time, regular replacement of aging tubes, light bulbs, maintenance of the overall lighting is very helpful.
Clean the method to be correct
Lamp used for some time, in the above will be a thick layer of ash deposited on the impact of our vision, need to be cleaned regularly. Parts in the process of cleaning, pay attention to do not change the lamp structure, not just the replacement of lamps and lanterns, cleaning and maintenance after the end, according to the sample luminaire shall be installed, do not drain installation, mistaken installation lighting components.
General lighting with dry cloth to wipe, and pay attention to prevent moisture intrusion, if the lamp for non metals, can use wet cloth to wipe, lest dust accumulation hinder lighting effects.
Frequent switch the most injury lamp
Lamp in the use of time don't frequently switch, because the lamps and lanterns at the instant of frequent starting, current through the filament is greater than that of the normal work when the currents, making the filament temperature increased sharply accelerated sublimation, which will greatly reduce the service life, so to minimize the switching frequency of the lamp.