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To understand the relationship between energy saving and exquisite lighting

LED lamp with low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection, and longer service life by the vast majority of consumer recognition and acceptance, and shall be used, but with the rapid expansion of at present market of LED lighting, LED lighting products in the market now good Withers not neat, now widely used in view of the present market LED to absorb... >>More

Guangdong enterprises are expected to take the lead over the winter

TV, air conditioning and other electrical appliances, use very convenient, remote control hand, easy to handle, high technology brings people more and more convenience. Can the lamps and lanterns that every household use, whether also can have such function? LED light bulb has such function now, do not want to turn off the lights? No problem, just press the ... >>More

China optical communication industry to enter the period of high speed developme...

2010 was a big year for China's lighting design. This year, the government vigorously promoted the pilot demonstration project of ten cities, a world-class lighting project, Shanghai world expo and guangzhou Asian games. This year, China's lighting designers have exceeded 10,000, and dozens of universities, including tsinghua university and fudan university,... >>More

Proper maintenance of lamps and lanterns

Everyone has a different understanding of home, how can you decorate the perfect home with limited funds? In home decoration, many owners are concerned about the cost of decoration. So before decorating, must plan good, only good plan can reduce cost. If the bedroom that decorates undecorated is compared to canvas, decorate adornment compares to a process of... >>More

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