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How should bright change project do ability to raise illume rate?

Reading:516Editor:Jindian LightingTime:2021/11/20
Since the promotion of lighting project construction, we have continuously beautify our living environment, improve the quality of life, and drive the night view economy! At present, lighting is a finishing touch to create the image of the city at night! Lighting project is to beautify the night scene, drive the bridge of economic development, good lighting design can play the role of publicity! But if the lighting design did not do well, can form a waste of resources, so good lighting project design can fully consider the lighting rate!
Lighting project night lighting needs to be considered as a whole according to the plan: night lighting is part of the lighting project as it is closely separated from the plan. According to the master plan, we need to focus on construction projects that reflect the projects. It has a high artistic level and good lighting function, it has become an abstract classic.
According to the general floor plan, the night floor plan must conform to the functional characteristics of the building; Buildings illuminate streets and areas with different functions, specific situations and buildings, and their lighting must have a high-end atmosphere, from different angles, different brightness or different styles. Some light engineering features can be used and some ornamental value can be used. Through the implementation of standard programs, enhance the appreciation perspective, from the skill and artistic level, emphasizing the use and aesthetics. Construction illuminates both heavy objects and miniature sketches. Build illuminant fortifications as an easy component of the situation: the situation factors include artificial objects and wild constructions.
In the continuous development of The Times, lighting engineering is closely related to our life. We should combine architectural lighting and architectural planning to realize the coordination of lighting planning and project planning. Modern urban engineering, important cultural relics and historic sites, old neighborhood transformation, building facade transformation, can achieve the building lighting effect.  

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