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What skills should urban lighting engineering design pay attention to?

Reading:405Editor:Jindian LightingTime:2021/11/20
In recent years, the pace of urban construction is getting faster and faster. The urban lighting project makes the old urban night scene look new and drives the local night scene economy! Various places have followed suit, the city lighting project vigorously implement! At the same time, enterprises are also looking for a good way to promote brand awareness, and urban lighting design has become the best platform to promote business in recent years. Therefore, in the design process of urban lighting engineering, we should consider how to better reflect the effect of urban lighting design!
First, color and brightness design: night city lighting project design has monochromatic light and multi-chromatic light, with high brightness and low color is appropriate. High chroma light colors, such as pink, tend to produce a "jump" feeling and are rarely used. The lighting tone of these places should be mainly light. Like weak yellow light, yellow white light, can use red light or other color light to highlight local or key place, but absolutely can make colorful, dilute solemn and solemn atmosphere.
2. Lighting layout: Urban lighting engineering design should follow the principle of highlighting key points and giving consideration to general aspects in terms of lighting primary, secondary and direction. The main light is usually used to illuminate the key parts of the scene, such as important three-dimensional signs, portraits, nameplates, etc., and the auxiliary light is used in the general or background parts, so that the whole night scene is rich in layers. Generally, the ratio of main light and auxiliary illumination is 3 to 1.
Third, the way of lighting: the development of modern lighting technology provides a variety of means and methods for night lighting. At present, the more commonly used nightview lighting methods are: surface floodlight lighting, contour lighting, internal transparent lighting, fiber optic tube, small string of lights lighting, laser holographic three-dimensional lighting and so on. Through these lighting can be achieved to induce visitors to the best Angle of view, highlight the features of scenery, fascinating effect.
In the process of lighting design, the choice of color, intensity of brightness design, lighting layout have a great impact on the effect of the whole lighting project, so in the design process, we must adapt to local conditions, according to the characteristics of the surrounding environment, better highlight the final effect of lighting design.
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