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How do we choose and buy LED wall washing lights in the process of lighting?

Reading:708Editor:Jindian LightingTime:2021/11/20
Washing wall lamp is not strange to friends who do lighting, but do you really know how to choose high-quality washing wall lamp?
With this problem we talked together:
Urban construction and development are becoming more and more prosperous, and the night scenery is becoming more and more beautiful, which not only contributes to the overall image of the city but also drives economic development; As one of the main lighting lamps in lighting engineering, wall washing lamp is also one of our favorite lamps. Wall washing is to light up a vertical surface layer, so that the overall target wall can achieve a certain symmetrical chroma, and build a bright and broad visual effect of the building facade. So how do we choose high quality wall washing lamp?
Wall washing lamp refers to whether the luminous Angle is four vertical surface layer, so that the overall target wall can achieve a certain symmetrical chroma, to build a bright and broad visual effect of the building facade; Good wall washing is the pursuit of perfect lighting symmetry, mild and comfortable, no focal length cohesion symmetry.
A, select reliable manufacturers to buy: well-known brands have to ensure that this truth is understood, but a lot of people in order to better map cheap, choose retailers and even non-regular manufacturers of goods, so the quality and after-sales service can not be reasonable to ensure. Therefore, when choosing LED wall washing lights, choose reliable manufacturers to ensure product quality and after-sales service, but also to choose a guarantee for themselves
Second, according to the projection distance and the total area to pick: projection distance is related to the lens and the output power, output power the projection of the brighter the color, the greater the lens from the point of view of the increasingly narrow, the projection distance is, the longer we are buying to wash the wall lamp projection distance and projection area must be fully considered, which is selected according to you to buy one of the key. If you do not understand, you can ask a professional or let the manufacturer design.
Three, lighting lighting must be selected according to specific requirements: the actual effect of lighting effect transformation, such as RGB and DMX512 manipulation two, DMX512 transformation of the actual effect is wider, in the case of selection according to the specific must be determined.
In addition to these three conditions, in the case of installation, it is also necessary to decide the total number of LED wall washing lamp connections according to the specific length and number of strings. Wall washing lamp it can change a variety of practical effects, we can measure the length of a circle must be long, according to how much each is connected, is a single root change or the overall flow of the actual effect change.

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