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Landscape lighting should be moderate, and do a good overall planning

Reading:650Editor:Jindian LightingTime:2021/11/20
According to a study by Brown University in the US, the brightness of lights at night in an area is proportional to its GDP. Lighting up the night is therefore imperative, even if it is to invigorate the economy. Of course, the lighting must be moderate, moderate, in line with the needs of local economic development.
As for the "notice on the rectification of" landscape lighting project "and other excessive" performance projects "and" face projects "issued in December last year, whether the impact on the urban landscape lighting is very limited, You Hongye believes that the impact is very limited. On the one hand, the regulation of over-lighting documents does not target functional lighting; On the other hand, for some large-scale activities that must be carried out corresponding to the early lighting construction, the document does not put forward explicit prohibitions.
In his view, landscape lighting industry development or more optimistic. The reason why there are some cries in the industry is not because the market environment has become worse, but more because some large international activities in the past few years brought a number of large municipal construction projects, which enabled the rapid expansion of the landscape lighting market. Now, some large municipal projects are curbed, and the market cake has suddenly returned to a good stage from the state that everyone is full of food. Industry operators do not adapt to it, feel the gap, think that the market has suddenly become worse, and face difficulties in survival. In fact, no matter when, the city's lighting is necessary. Renovation of excessive lighting documents just gave the industry a direction, so that the city lighting in order to have a plan in a controlled way, rather than blindly to chase the trend to do.
In the implementation of the "notice on the rectification of" landscape lighting project "and other excessive" performance projects ", "face projects", the document should learn from Nanjing. After the issuance of this document, Nanjing immediately issued an overall planning of nanjing city lighting construction, which I think is a very correct approach.
"Shenyang has also done a good job in the management and control of landscape lighting. The construction of landscape lighting, including some large municipal projects, is relatively rational, and the city lighting is very planned. At the same time, before planning and implementation, the competent authorities will first do in-depth research, so that the implementation of construction projects more targeted, to avoid neither fish nor fowl, acclimatization of the situation."

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